Site Rules

Section 1 - Introduction

Haxs is a general discussion forum, concentrated on a veriety of categories, Game Analysis, and General Discussion. Therefore, in addition to employing voluntary moderators, we allow users the freedom to act the way they think is best. This system is designed to provide an organic environment for users, while maintaining a certain degree of control against violation of site rules.

Therefore, while we do bestow several site rules, it’s up to the users to apply common sense to decide how they act. This structure is designed so that perpetrators will be punished within the social hierarchy of the community. Nonetheless, if you see content that violates any rule on this page, disagrees with your common interest, or has an inappropriate connotation; you are obliged to address it to our staff via the report button.

By creating an account you acknowledge and agree to behave accordingly to the rules below.

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Section 2 - Forum Rules

a - Cross-Posting: Click for more info.
Duplicating a thread or topic in multiple different sections of the forum is prohibited.

b - Double Posting: Click for more info.
The act of posting numerous times without another user's response in between is prohibited.

c - Single Word Posting: Click for more info.
When posting a thread or a post, more than one word must be used.

d - General Spam: Click for more info.
The act of spamming is prohibited.

e - Wrong Section Posting: Click for more info.
Do not post your thread in an irrelevant section in relation to your topic.

f - Respectful Posting: Click for more info.
Being excessively and unreasonably mean, rude, or offensive towards other users is prohibited.

g - Pornographic Content: Click for more info.
Posting pornographic text, images, links, or any content in relation to that category, will not be tolerated.

h - English Language: Click for more info.
Our community is an English-speaking environment and we do not have support for any other linguistic languages.

i - Writing Style: Click for more info.
You are required to participate in a legible, mature, and comprehensible manner.

j - Topic Titles: Click for more info.
Titles may not be short, uninformative, irrelevant to the central message, or ‘clickbait’.

k - Moderating: Click for more info.
All staff members reserve the right to edit, remove, or place any post on moderation queue at any time.

l - Private Messaging: Click for more info.
All site rules apply to the Private Messaging system.

m - Multi-Accounting: Click for more info.
The registration or use of multiple accounts on Haxs is prohibited under all circumstances.

n - Necroposting: Click for more info.
Do not post or revive any old, inactive threads.

o - Filter Evasion: Click for more info.
Do not attempt to bypass any site restriction, such as but not limited to the 20-character limit.

p - Homophobia and/or Racism: Click for more info.
Homophobia and racism are not tolerated on our site.

q - Perverted Exploiting: Click for more info.
Do not post scripts, codes, exploits, or demonstrations of sexual or perverted videogame exploiting.

The sharing of credit card or explicitly private information of anyone is prohibited.
s - Actual Money: Click for more info.
Sharing of accounts or information related to Banking or any other payment websites is prohibited.

Section 3 - Avatars

a - Size: Click for more info.
Avatar images must be less than 180x220 pixels to be displayed on our website.

b - Display: Click for more info.
Avatars may not portray any symbolic representation to official status such as fake titles or staff member models.

c - Etiquette: Click for more info.
Images are subject to the same rules regarding, but not limited to pornography and vulgarity outlined above.

Section 4 - Offsite Linking

a - Pornography: Click for more info.
Pornographic links, or links leading to content with a pornographic connotation is are not permitted.

b - Gore: Click for more info.
Links to content containing gore are prohibited.

c - Download links: Click for more info.
Download links are permitted when accompanied by a virus total link displaying a scan of the download.

d - Evidence: Click for more info.
You must accompany download links with videos to prove the validity of the file when deemed appropriate.

e - Malware: Click for more info.
Downloads links to files containing or having any relation to malware are not permitted.

f - Trollware: Click for more info.
Do not post files that are not what you say they are.

g - Etiquette: Click for more info.
Do not post links to hateful, violent, gruesome, terrorist, or generally inappropriate content.

h - Embedding: Click for more info.
Any link embedded into our website will be considered an external link.

i - Encryption/Obfuscation: Click for more info.
Encryption or obfuscation of links is prohibited.

j - Advertising: Click for more info.
Advertising sites for the sake of personal or community gain is prohibited.

Section 5 - Enforcement

a - Five Strike Policy: Click for more info.
Users will be warned a maximum of five times for any and all offences in a three month period.

b - Disputes: Click for more info.
Aggressive and Excessive arguing after being warned will result in an additional warning.

c - Complaints: Click for more info.
If you feel unjustly warned, you may appeal by responding to the warning private message.

d - Circumvention: Click for more info.
Attempting to circumvent a ban or moderator action will result in a permanent ban of your account(s).

e - Warning Exceptions: Click for more info.
The staff team withholds the right to bypass or neglect the five strike policy.

f - Permanent Bans Click for more info.
Rationalization and contemplation play huge roles in the moderation team before issuing a permanent ban.

Section 6 - Privacy

Privacy Policy: Click for more info.
The sharing of any explicitly personal information of anyone, including non-users is not permitted.

Section 7 - Chat Box

a - Moderation: Click for more info.
All site rules apply in the chatbox.

b - Bots: Click for more info.
With the exception of passive bots, chatbox bots are not permitted.

Last Updated 06/05/2017