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Release: 1.3 Notes
So, this update was pretty big, lots of new things were added. The theme was modified. ETC

Note: Our Discord Server is you can find the access page at or at the bottom

[Image: 9a15dc585c7f1acd7ebaa5330a832e52726adb85...7d7dc4.png]
  • Party created a new Cloudfare loading page.
  • Bottom links were added, "about us", and rules page created.
  • <---- Our rules can be found here.
  • Awards were added to the forum
  • The ability to advertise on our forum was made available
  • The ability to buy points at
  • DMCA added
  • User Control Panel shortcut added to the bottom of the "Links" section
  • 2-factor authentication was fixed again, (more bugs fixed than last time)
  • User Support section shortcut added to the bottom of the site
  • The ability to add custom user title 
  • An "Upgraded" usertitle that people can be obtained when you get the required amount of points. More info can be found here
  • Reputation colors were changed
  • You now have to have more posts to access the "leaks section"
  • "Quick Reply" was removed
  • Added forum icons to the forum

That's about it, this will probably be our last update for some time. 

Extra Note: We are still hiring moderators. We still have about 2 spaces left.

Thank you for joining Haxs

Extra note by Timeless - The Rules are getting edited so check them out if you want

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