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Release: Win7 SP1 VM + Keygen

A while back I torrented a copy of Windows 7, SP1 for penetration testing. It's unpatched, meaning great for testing exploits.

I have it inside a 7Zip archive file, in Mega. The link here:!z8t0wbKD!ik95xeHR5Y3Nm...2_EkY6Z3I8

NOTE: This is a VM ONLY usable if you own the VMWare software, it can be the free version (player) or not, but it's required.

Steps to getting your new Win7 SP1 VM up and running:
  1. Put your files in a folder with the name of your VM as you want it, for example: Win7 SP1
  2. Start VMWare
  3. File -> Open
  4. Navigate to your Win7 SP1 folder, inside should be "Win7SP1.vmx", select it
  5. Inside your Win7 SP1 folder, you will also have a keygen. There's a readme there to explain the process of "validating" your copy of Windows after you've started it.
Now you should be good. Go ahead and change any settings you see fit, then you can run your VM. Don't forget to put your 7Zip archive file in the cloud somewhere, so you can retrieve the copy of Windows when you need it.

WARNING: There could be a virus within the keygen, but you never really know anymore. Just be wary of your decision to run untrusted software. (I got this software from Piratebay) P.S. I've not had any virus-related problems since using it. 

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